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Cross Project


EgriBiancoDanza, Zerogrammi, codedUomo, Balletto Teatro di Torino (IT)

Teatro Il Maggiore | Sala Teatro - Verbania

12.06.2022 | h 21
Duration: 60'


Price: €15

As part of the CROSS festival, the Lavanderia a Vapore/Piemonte dal Vivo presents the Piedmontese companies Balletto Teatro di Torino, codedUomo, EgriBiancoDanza and Zerogrammi as part of the Swans never die project, which invites the public to think of The Dying Swan, a solo that has become a milestone in the history of 20th century dance, as an opportunity to get to know the many forms of its existence over time, since it was choreographed by Michel Fokine for Anna Pavlova in 1905, and to discover the different possibilities of following in the footsteps of a classic thanks to its contemporary reinterpretations. Following the stages of this journey through the history and memory of dance, the spectator will be able to discover in what bodies a choreographic work from the past survives, who takes up its legacy and why, what values it can transmit today and in the future.

Swans Never Die is a network project that sees on the scene four companies from Piemont: Balletto Teatro di Torino, codedUomo/Daniele Ninarello, EgriBiancoDanza, Zerogrammi, and returns four short pièces, each of which is an original and unique interpretation of The Dying Swan.

Swans never die is a project by Lavanderia a Vapore – Centro di Residenza per la Danza (Piemonte dal Vivo – Circuito Multidisciplinare dello Spettacolo, Coorpi, Didee Arti e Comunicazioni, Mosaico Danza, Zerogrammi); Operaestate Festival Veneto and Centro per la Scena Contemporanea CSC Bassano del Grappa; Triennale Milano Teatro; Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia; Festival Bolzano Danza – Fondazione Haydn; Gender Bender Festival; “Memory in Motion. Re-Membering Dance History (Mnemedance)” – Ca’ Foscari University Venice; DAMS – University of Turin.

Pièce 1


production Fondazione Egri

conception and choreography by Raphael Bianco

with Vincenzo Criniti, Cristian Magurano, Davide Stacchini

Bright Feathers is a male trio where dance is a ritual of initiation and catharsis, a dialogue with the dark soul that inhabits us and moves us, and that reveals doubts, discomforts and impulses sometimes unspeakable and unconfessable even to ourselves. A confrontation with our alter ego that makes us ashamed and escape but at the same time stimulates us, even cruelly, to find a harmonised dimension of existing and being: a new and luminous identity in spite of conventions.


Pièce 2


production Zerogrammi 

a project by Stefano Mazzotta 

with Stefano Mazzotta, Amina Amici

Momento is part of a path of artistic research on the theme of memory, time, its passing and the emotional and social condition that this relationship triggers. It focuses its research on the relationship with present time, on the suspended and uncertain condition that leads our experiences and memories towards future desires and hopes yet to be realised.


Pièce 3

WHAT I AM IS ALREADY GONE – for a tired body 

codedMan production

by Daniele Ninarello

with Ornella Brero

outside gaze Francesca Dibiase

WHAT I AM IS ALREADY GONE – for a tired body investigates vulnerability as an engine capable of generating revolution, of triggering a gesture of resistance that turns into a dance that is a calm and constant struggle. A short dance to say goodbye to one’s memories, to the cumbersome past and to the future. An impromptu score that a woman offers in her first occasion of public expression, allowing herself a space of freedom and transparency, where every movement becomes an escape route for her entire tired body.



Pièce 4

PESO PIUMA – collective 

production Ballet Theatre of Turin

by Silvia Gribaudi 

with Lisa Mariani, Nadja Guesewell, Viola Scaglione, Luca Tomasoni, Flavio Ferruzzi

Peso piuma – collective was born from the encounter between Viola Scaglione, Lisa Mariani, Nadja Guesewell, Flavio Ferruzzi, Luca Tomasoni of the Balletto Teatro di Torino and Silvia Gribaudi. The work is a physical practice lasting 15 minutes that enacts an empathic rite that starts from an individual dimension and transports performers and audience towards a collective dimension.  

The sound and the work on the body lead to a space poised between the abstract and the earthly. 



EgriBiancoDanza, a company directed by Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco, was founded in Turin in 1999. The company inherits more than thirty years of experience of the previous company “I Balletti di Susanna Egri”. It distinguishes itself for a repertoire made up of works full of social and spiritual values signed by Raphael Bianco and choreographers of the Italian and international artistic panorama. These characteristics have allowed it to meet the favour of the public and critics and to establish itself as one of the most interesting realities of Italian dance.


Zerogrammi is a dance production organisation founded in 2005, directed by choreographer Stefano Mazzotta and supported by Regione Piemonte and Mibac. The articulated journey of discovery that leads to creation (27 productions realised to date in collaboration with theatres and festivals in Italy, Russia, Portugal, Holland, Spain, Germany) arrives at the compositional work by passing through a wide area of dramaturgical and choreographic research, residency paths built around specific anthropological and geographical interests, educational and social projects, and language practice.


Founder of the codedUomo association, Daniele Ninarello is an artist active in the field of performing arts. His choreographic language is articulated through a constant research of movement that focuses on the “living body” as a place of mediation. His works often consist of movement practices that unfold in an experiential choreographic dimension, where bodies are often oriented and kept alive by a collective consciousness. His productions are possible thanks to a constant work of relationship with the best choreographic realities of the European scene.


BTT (Balletto Teatro di Torino), founded by Loredana Furno in 1979, has recently celebrated 40 years of continuous activity; 40 years of dance, research, experimentation, relationships and collaborations.

A company currently composed of seven dancers coming from important international experiences that, with increasing success, continues its original path of creation of dance performances now recognized by the most attentive critics. BTT, in addition to its activity abroad, is very present in Italy, and in particular in Turin where it is recognised as a stable production organization, institutionalized at regional and city level.