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Cross Project


Marco Peduzzi e Francesca Casella (IT)

Casa Mirabello - Ameno

18.06.2022 | h 10-18
19.06.2022 | h 7-18

info, costs and bookings at 3518081786

Yoga Selvaggio has no goals; one does not practice it to achieve something, such as joint flexibility or spiritual enlightenment, but because one is irresistibly driven by the curiosity to explore oneself, by the pleasure of experiencing a deep intimacy with oneself. This workshop promotes a creative approach to the practice, overcoming the barriers created by orthodox schools, and willingly flirting with other disciplines and artistic experiences. How? Guided by Marco Peduzzi and Francesca Casella we will combine the different practices of yoga (asanas, dynamic sequences, breathing practices, meditation) with nature walks and other sensory explorations.

Marco Peduzzi, trained by Claudio Conte and Patrick Tomatis, has been practising yoga since 1982 and teaching it since 1992, in Milan and the Lake Orta area. He has attended the four-year S.F.I.D.Y. training school in Milan and has participated in various continuing education courses and seminars recognised by the F.N.E.Y. and the Y.A.N.I., of which he is a member. He has collaborated with the Mandali Retreat Center in Quarna (NO), where he has held international lessons and seminars, and with the association “Spazio Yoga” in Milan, of which he is a councillor and founding member.

Francesca Casella, yoga teacher and meditator, has trained in integral yoga with Jacopo Ceccarelli, a master in yoga therapy with Marco Fasanotti and yoga for the third age with Massimo Gatto. She has followed different approaches such as Heinz Grill’s New Will and carried out retreats and research on Ananda Yoga and Buddhist philosophies. For the past four years she has been deepening her understanding of Maharishi Ayurveda, practising and spreading this knowledge.