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Cross Project


Resta Qui Airlines (IT)

Vog Fiume Agogna - Ameno

23.06.2022 | h 17
24.06.2022 | h 17
Duration: 30'


Price: €5

The performance will open with a guided testing by Eleonora Matarrese, wild grass expert and cook, author and popularizer. Matarrese will introduce the main plant in Voli Radicali from a wild herbs point of view.

Voli Radicali is an imaginative journey into the relationship that human beings establish with plant species from distant ecosystems that are able to settle in a new ecology, upsetting the established order. The protagonist of this flight without a plane will be the Reynoutria Japonica, an invasive alien species that has overwhelmed the banks of the Agogna stream. The Ameno Lido, commonly known as the Vog, is full of them and this is where we are going to intervene through a performance of voices, gestures, sounds and sculptural objects. Resta Qui Airlines’ pretext is always to contrast a high-tech model of rapid transit (the airline) with the slow observation and materialist imagination of organic movements. Voli Radicali aims to evoke a new perception of the “wild” that looks at the relationship of interdependence with the plant world in its complexity of non-sentient subjects. The performance will also be attended by the girls and boys of the Children’s Councils of the neighbouring municipalities of Armeno, Invorio, Gozzano and Orta, through a woodland trek guided by the maps created together in the project “Sentieri di Partecipazione” (March, April, May 2022, Associazione DragoLago).

Voli Radicali is realized with the support of Veronica Lumazza.

Project: Resta Qui Airlines, Sara Cattin e Kim Forni

Performer: Sara Cattin e Kim Forni 

Original music and sound design: Tommaso Esposito, with the contribution of Pigi and Nik.

With the participation of the Municipal Children’s Centres of Armeno, Invorio, Gozzano and Orta for the project “Sentieri di Partecipazione” of DragoLago

Resta Qui Airlines is a fictitious airline company that curates imaginative multimedia routes and physical walking tours. The flight attendants invite us to observe what a hybrid ecosystem, between the anthropic and the natural evokes, looking for a mediating gesture in the relationship between human beings and the environment.

RQA investigates the global migration and transfer of people, non-human species and material goods, and how these processes influence – historically and in the contemporary world – the way we act on the subjectivities with which we cohabit the ecosystem. Crossing areas defined as rural, RQA looks at the local dimension through a lens that includes the micro as much as its more distant proximities. In the system of global displacement, how can we stand still for a moment without feeling immobile, like a tree? How can we relate to places by looking at the landscape from an aeroplane window? The protagonists of the ‘flights’ are plants and their relationship with humans and non-human species. In particular, the focus is on invasive plants, known as aliens, as manifestations of the great global movements that influence changes in ecosystems. Invasive alien species lead us to ask questions about other subjectivities, about our relationship with the plant super-organism as a collective and independent entity, as well as about the ways of scientific and philosophical culture to understand the contemporary and influence direct actions related to agricultural and resource maintenance policies.