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Cross Project


Claudia Castellucci (IT)

Villa Pastori | Giardino - Ameno

01.07.2022 | h 19
Duration: 45'


Price: €10

The title Verso la Specie (Towards the Species) contains a choreographic programme: going back to the primitive impulse of dance, observing and reforming the rhythm that manifests itself in animal, vegetable and mineral nature and in human industry. To go back to the origin of dance in order to relive that impetus that pushes to reform time, to free it from the narrowness of chronology. Therefore, the origin is here perfectly coincident with the present and the immediate, and not something that concerns only the past. The purpose that informs Verso la Specie looks in two directions: one embraces poetry, the art that first shared with dance and music the need to go against time and its fatality, drawing on the metrics of archaic Greek lyric poetry; the second direction sees in animals an automatic rhythm of walking, which also raises the question of grace, and which takes the movement of horses as its model. In both cases, this dance reveals the individual presence of each performer only thanks to the choral movement; and the music, composed and grown together with the dancing movement, step by step, is its propulsive origin.

Choreography: Claudia Castellucci

Music: Stefano Bartolini

Dancers: Sissj Bassani, Silvia Ciancimino, René Ramos, Francesca Siracusa, Pier Paolo Zimmermann

Production, organisation and distribution: Camilla Rizzi

Technical direction, lights: Eugenio Resta

Technique: Francesca Di Serio 

Production direction: Benedetta Briglia

Production: Socìetas

Playwright, choreographer and teacher, Claudia Castellucci founded, with Romeo Castellucci and with Chiara and Paolo Guidi, the theatre company Societas (formerly Societas Raffaello Sanzio). Since the years of her schooling with an artistic orientation, she has continued to produce art. In 1989 he founded the Scuola Teatrica della discesa, a group of young people who met for five years, combining gymnastics with a philosophical practice. In the following years, her study expanded to include rhythmic movement and in 2003 she founded Stoa, a school that lasted five years, during which time they created Balli, dances based on an interpretation of movement that considered time as the main dimension. In 2015 she founded the Mòra School, which was formed into a Company in 2019, with the creation of the dance Verso la Specie, the meta-dance All’inizio della città di Roma and Il trattamento delle onde. This is followed by Fisica dell’aspra communion, a dance built on Olivier Messiaen’s Le Catalogue d’Oiseaux. At the 2020 Venice Biennale, Claudia Castellucci received the Silver Lion award for the Dance Section. In 2021, La nuova Abitudine (The New Habit), a dance based on the Russian songs Znamenny, performed live by four singers from the MusicaAeterna Choir. She writes several dramaturgy, school art and choreography texts. Among them: Uovo di bocca (Bollati Boringhieri 2000), Setta Scuola di tecnica drammatica (Quodlibet 2015), and Bollettini della Danza (Edizioni Sete 2019).