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Cross Project


Elisa Sbaragli (IT)

Museo del Paesaggio - Verbania

11.06.2022 | h 17-19
12.06.2022 | h 17-19
Price: €5

“Sull’irrequietezza del divenire”  is an artistic investigation on bodies, starting from the body. Conceived from a reflection on residual spaces, those forgotten urban interstices (the uncultivated space between two buildings, the edge of a road, the vegetation that occupies an abandoned factory…), “Sull’irrequietezza del divenire (on the restlessness of becoming)”  is a multilingual artistic project by Elisa Sbaragli, Edoardo Sansonne and Fabio Brusadin. The project carries out a reflection through sound, corporeality and images on the topic of the encounter with the vegetable kingdom, and more generally with the non-human components of our environments. The project considers the body (of the artists and of the public) as a multidimensional instrument of communication, relation, contemplation of the vegetable world as alive. On this occasion the project is developed through a performative action designed to inhabit the spaces of the Museo del Paesaggio in Verbania: here the artists lead the public into a perceptive environment where proximity and distance are brought into play and remixed.

A concept by and with: Fabio Brusadin, Edoardo Sansonne, Elisa Sbaragli

Sound research: Edoardo Sansonne

Projections, lighting design and interactions: Fabio Brusadin

Movement coach: Rosita Mariani

Production: DanceMe (Perypezye Urbane) with the support of MiC

Co-production: Festival Venere in Teatro, organised by Live Arts Cultures

With the support of: Associazione Culturale Mastronauta and DragoLago, within the project Verde Vivente; Museo del Paesaggio

With the contribution and patronage of the Municipality of Verbania

Project selected in the sphere of Bodyscape, action in support of choreographic research, promoted by Associazione Danza Urbana, with the contribution of MIC – Ministry of Culture and Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna, in the sphere of the Dancescapes project, with the collaboration of: Associazione Culturale Las Voces Humanas, H(abita)t – Rete di spazi per la danza, Alma Danza

Support for research by experts: Francesco Blardoni, Simona Ferrari, Paola Giroldini, Metaxi Markaki, Irene Pipicelli, Andrea Ruschetti, Federica Torgano, Natale Zoppis

Elisa Sbaragli, dancer and choreographer, in 2013 completes the Biennium of Professional Training for the Contemporary Dancer, at CIMD under the artistic direction of Franca Ferrari. In 2017 she concludes the training course ‘Azione per una rete stabile di insegnamento sul territorio toscano’, directed by Sosta Palmizi, where she meets the most important names of Italian research dance. In 2016 she debuts with her first work ‘In Between’, thanks to the support and backing of La Mejana and Compañia Ana Continente Danza. Since 2017 her works, presented in various dance festivals, are produced by DanceMe (Perypezye Urbane) with the support of MiC – Ministry of Culture and the Creative Europe programme as part of the DanceMe UP project: Industrial Soundscape, a project that won a special mention for CROSS Award 2019; Besides Me, performed by the young dancer Sissj Bassani; Vacuo; Cambia-menti, with live music by the musician and composer Elia Anelli and Attraverso. Since 2021 she has been working with musician Edoardo Sansonne and intermediary technician Fabio Brusadin on “sull’irrequietezza del divenire (on the restlessness of becoming)“, a site-specific and multidisciplinary art project focused on residual natural spaces.