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Cross Project


Mastronauta e Resta Qui Airlines (IT)

Casa Lavanda - Bolzano Novarese

29.06.2022 | h 18
Duration: 120'


Price: €40 each team

Booking at the number (0039) 351 808 1786

Outdoor Game Verde Vivente  is an exploration game in nature related to VERDE VIVENTE (Living Green), an environmental civic education trail that runs along a 2 km path in the Monte Mesma Nature Reserve. Actions to perform, places to find, tracks to follow, questions to solve. An opportunity to immerse oneself in the woodland habitat and get in touch with its biodiversity.

Mastronauta is an independent, multidisciplinary arts and culture centre that since 2001 has been developing activities related to art and culture with a specific focus on the most varied aspects of contemporary language, encouraging forms of creative sociality and the practice of different artistic disciplines. Based in Omegna, Mastronauta is a successful example of industrial archaeology converted into a place of great socio-cultural and artistic ferment, whose premises are available to anyone who needs a place for relationships, creation and personal or collective research.

Resta Qui Airlines is a fictitious airline company that curates imaginative multimedia routes and physical walking tours. The flight attendants invite us to observe what a hybrid ecosystem, between the anthropic and the natural evokes, looking for a mediating gesture in the relationship between human beings and the environment.

RQA investigates the global migration and transfer of people, non-human species and material goods, and how these processes influence – historically and in the contemporary world – the way we act on the subjectivities with which we cohabit the ecosystem. Crossing areas defined as rural, RQA looks at the local dimension through a lens that includes the micro as much as its more distant proximities. In the system of global displacement, how can we stand still for a moment without feeling immobile, like a tree? How can we relate to places by looking at the landscape from an aeroplane window? The protagonists of the ‘flights’ are plants and their relationship with humans and non-human species. In particular, the focus is on invasive plants, known as aliens, as manifestations of the great global movements that influence changes in ecosystems. Invasive alien species lead us to ask questions about other subjectivities, about our relationship with the plant super-organism as a collective and independent entity, as well as about the ways of scientific and philosophical culture to understand the contemporary and influence direct actions related to agricultural and resource maintenance policies.