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Cross Project


Campsirago Residenza (IT)

Piazza Marconi - Ameno

17.06.2022 | h 19
18.06.2022 | h 19
Duration: 100'


Price: €10

National premiere

Amleto, una questione personale (Hamlet, a personal matter) is a site-specific, itinerant performance that explores the great themes of doubt and desire through a physical journey in the landscape and a metaphorical journey among the ghosts of the figure of Hamlet. Hamlet is a crack, a splintered name, a story that no one wants to hear anymore. Yet Hamlet continues to bark, he always returns, like an indigestible food, like an incessant melody, like a small dark thorn under the sole of a foot. Hamlet is that presence that dwells within each of us, like an army in battle dress. Hamlet has a thousand masks, like the secret cells inside us; he is that thought that cages us under an inner storm. Hamlet, a personal matter, becomes a collective and individual experience through the labyrinths of the psyche.

Direction: Anna Fascendini, Giulietta de Bernardi, Michele Losi

With: Anna Fascendini, Barbara Mattavelli, Benedetta Brambilla, Giulietta de Bernardi, Liliana Benini, Marialice Tagliavini, Michele Losi, Sebastiano Sicurezza, Sofia Bolognini, Stefano Pirovano

Costumes: Stefania Coretti

Music: Diego Dioguardi, Luca Maria Baldini

Texts by the participants in the advanced training laboratory of landscape theatre and from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Production: Campsirago Residency

Campsirago Residenza is a centre for research and production of performing arts in the landscape and theatre for children. Starting from theatre, it explores contemporary languages and the relationship among artist, spectator and landscape, focusing increasingly on immersive (urban and natural) and site-specific theatre, performing art and multidisciplinary experimentation. The relationship with nature and the contamination among theatre, dance, music, poetry and, in recent years, also new technologies, are the soul of the artistic work of the residency, along with the research and production of children’s theatre and, in particular, for very young children. The residency organises Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival, now in its 18th edition, and the Vimercate dei Ragazzi, holds training courses for professionals and schools, and promotes international research projects. With the Campsirago Luogo d’Arte project, it inaugurated a new course for the transformation and redevelopment of the ancient hamlet of Campsirago, immersed in the woods of Monte di Brianza, into a place dedicated to art, live performance, training and cultural promotion.