Tutte le ricette ( t.i.p.)

Team Kruse-Zwerger-Selenko
Fall 2020

Tutte le ricette intends to investigate the relationship between a community and its favorite dishes through interviews with members of the community in Verbania on their favorite recipe. The interviews will be later reflected in a multimedia composition conducted by two performers. In this project the artists want to meet the citizens of Verbania first through filmed interviews. The most nominated dish, whose preparation requires no more than 30 minutes, will be chosen as the basis for the performance. During the residency the artists will explore the recipe and the actions that its preparation involves working them as material for the sound and performative composition at the base of the show.

A project by: Carmen C. Kruse, Judith Selenko, Manuel Zwerger // direction and choreography: Carmen C. Kruse // video: Judith Selenko // original composition: Manuel Zwerger // production CROSS Project


Carmen C. Kruse is an Austrian-German opera director. Today her work focuses on choreographic creation and performance. She analyses the creation of meeting places, creating a series of works that explore the relationship between art and community. Manuel Zwerger is a South Tyrolean composer. He studied composition at the Innsbruck Conservatory and the Royal Academy of Music, Århus. In his work he is committed to interdisciplinary collaborations and exploration of sounds, scenes, movements and stages. Judith Selenko is a set designer, video and animation designer. In her work she focuses on multimedia and interdisciplinary productions. They have been working at important theatres and festivals in Europe and around the world (Osterfestspiele Baden-Baden, Staatstheater Mainz; Lehár Festival Bad Ischl, Kammeroper Wien and Musikverein Graz) and received important awards and scholarships (Akademie Musiktheater heute, Hilde-Zach-Kompositionsförderstipendium – Innsbruck).