Phoebe Zeitgeist is a theatrical company based in Milan, born in 2008. The research of this group, open to elaborations in all fields of contemporary arts, is dedicated to the existence, persistence and transformation of every form of power. Giuseppe Isgrò, Francesca Frigoli and Francesca Marianna Consonni are part of this group.

The Verge of Ruin is the path of sound and poetic research undertaken by Stefano De Ponti and Sahri DeLorian in 2015. The image evoked by the moniker suggests the risky and stimulating position from which the Milanese duo turns their gaze on the world.

Aspra is a project built on texts and concepts on the verge of audibility and on a sound research that acts as a detonator to the imaginal power of words.
It investigates complex, uncomfortable thinking and the impossibility of reducing some critical positions to an idea that is acceptable and accepted by society. This impossibility of dialogue generates a ferocious dialectic that leads to annihilation.
Aspra’s research aims to develop within the scene a relationship between voice, bodies, musical instruments and sound through recording and mixing of sound and its processing in real time. The words of those artists who over the years have experienced the misunderstanding of their ideas and their art, the marginalized by society, are the vehicle to investigate the relationship between their ideas and reality, which generated them and then denied them.